Our TLM Network’s “Code of Service Ethics and Conduct”

Adopted by the TLM Network Executive Team–  July 2016

Adapted from the Special Libraries Association (http://www.sla.org)

As Information Professionals we strive to

  • Act with honesty, fairness and in good faith in serving and providing value to members, donors, corporate sponsors and vendors.

  • Deliver the best sources and highest quality services possible by continuous process improvement.

  • Respect the intellectual property of clients and producers of potential legal and ethics violations in the provision of sources or services.

  • Honor the privacy, rights and reputation of individuals and organizations in the proper use of information and content regardless of format or medium, adhering to the best practices that ensure client confidentiality.

  • Strive for excellence by seeking and updating our professional knowledge and competencies in online databases, search methods and information technologies, and information literacy principles.

  • Represent ourselves accurately concerning our education, competencies, and experience to TLM Network clients and other professionals.

  • Avoid conflicts of interest while in the performance of our work.


“You can depend on us to serve you in line with our stated values.”