Who Are We

Transforming Lives and More, Inc. (aka TLM Network) is a non-profit special library and information service with a team of innovative librarians, human resource specialists, and business analysts with expertise in research, knowledge-gathering, online training, and mentoring.

Our 501 (c) (3) special library and information service offers customized on-demand research, online training, and life coaching.  We specialize in the use of open Web databases and social media for career and professional growth.

Open Web databases and social media channels featured as part of our training services include–
Eldercare Locator
ERIC Institute of Education Sciences
Google Scholar
Library of Congress
National Library of Medicine Databases

South Florida Public Libraries
Broward County Library System Resources
Miami-Dade Public Library System Resources
Palm Beach Library System Resources

State of Florida Library Resources–
The Florida Electronic Library
The Right Service at the Right Time

We are a membership organization committed to self-directed learning, talent development, and information literacy. Our services offer value to individuals, families, small businesses, non-profit agencies, and corporations.

The TLM Network’s team of librarians, educators, IT professionals, and social media marketing specialists is “on call” for our client-members.  We seek to inform, mentor, coach and inspire our special library’s client-members.

We are a fee-based service offering hourly research rates and project management contracts.

We are “At Your Service”

Our mission in a nutshell is to not just serve individuals and institution in Florida, but to deliver services that will transform the way they operate in a huge way. Our team has the knowledge you are looking for to push further ahead.
At the end of the day at Transforming Lives & More we philosophize wanting to inspire and help people make changes that will have an impact on others and the community.
We promise to make you feel like you’re are not alone in your progress to achieve a goal. We are here for any type of support. Our customer service is legendary.
We take pride on wanting to help others achieve huge goals whether is career wise, a new business or educational.